The 26th Jyväskylä Summer School

Past courses

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Designer Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry for Single-Molecule Magnet Applications

Theoretical Description of Molecular Magnetism

Fate of Organic Chemicals in the Environment

Bioinformatics for Microbial Ecologists

Sequential Experimentation and decision making by Anytime Randomized Search Heuristics

Online Social Media Analytics

Topics in Random Planar Maps

Resolution of Singularities

Dark Matter in Astroparticle Physics

Superconducting Quantum Computer

Data Mining for Data Science

Homogeneous Catalysis

Molecular Electrochemistry

Introduction to Quantum Computing

An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Multigrid Methods

Complex Dynamics and Mating Habits of Polynomials

Lévy and Feller Processes and Applications

Viscous Relativistic Hydrodynamics

QCD Kinetic Theory And Thermalization

The Science of Atomic Clusters