University of the Aegean Summer Schools

Past courses


Ecological Data Analysis using R - EcoDAR2017

Cultural Trauma: theoretical perspectives, empirical evidence, somatic responses

Training in Landscape Character Assessment Methods and Tools

Social Investments and Social Economy –Theory, Practice and European Policies

Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences

Nutrition and Biodiversity as tools of Well Being

ID-UX (Interaction Design and User Experience).

Emerging Architectures and Key Technologies for 5G Networks

Designing Educational Games

Digital Technologies in Cutural Heritage & Tourism

Digital Storytelling

Population issues in Greece and the greater area of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean

Open GIS Symposium and Summer School 2015

Shipping, Transportation and Trade: Current Advances and Market Perspectives

Educational uses of 3D Graphics-Virtual Reality

Extended Arts

Industrial Product Design and Concept Development

Cultures Migrations Borders

Ecological Data Analysis

Information and Communication Security

European Governance & State

Electronic Business

Special Topics in Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis and Research Methods

Open and Collaborative Governance

Managing tourism after the crisis - A Mediterranean Perspective

Big Data Analysis in Earth Sciences

Ecological Data Analysis 2014

Advanced technologies in Product Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Sustainable Tourism Development and Special Interest Tourism

Document Image Processing

Language, gender, and sexuality: Discourses of precarious citizenship in precarious times – the Balkan experience