Ireland, Achill Island

Achill Archaeological Field School

when 21 May 2018 - 10 August 2018
language English
duration 12 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 1975

The Field School offers two-, four- and six-week modular courses that come with 3, 6 and 9 semester credits respectively. The courses cover a full range of excavation and site recording techniques, surveying procedures including GPS and Photogrammetry, and lab work including artefact processing, and digitising site drawings using AutoCAD and Photoshop.

SS106: Introduction to Archaeology of Ireland (3 Semester Credits/6 ECTS Credits)

On site work during the first element of the course introduces the student to the basic techniques of archaeological excavation, including laying out trenches, removing overburden, and excavating archaeological deposits with a variety of hand tools. Lectures introduce the Chronology of Irish Archaeology whilst a series of workshops develop the students understanding of the principals of excavation.

SS107: Archaeological Field Studies (3 Semester Credits/6 ECTS Credits)

On site work during the second element introduces the student to the methods of onsite recording of archaeological features and deposits, including section drawing, elevation drawing, horizontal planning, working within a site grid, surveying, using an auto level and the EDM, and taking site photography. Lectures complete the Chronology of Irish Archaeology whilst workshops focus on post excavation skills such as managing site archives, writing stratigraphic reports and preparing AutoCad drawings.

SS108: Data Analysis (3 Semester Credits/6 ECTS Credits)

Field work during the final element sees the completion of the excavation and its post excavation restoration and then introduces the student to a broad range of subjects involving archaeological sites and their setting in the landscape, such as upland surveys, identifying new sites, recording standing monuments and analysing inter-site relationships and morphological settings. Lectures review the development of the discipline of Archaeology in Ireland and the ethical challenges facing the archaeological profession in the early 3rd Millennium whilst workshops focus on preparing the work so far undertaken for final publication.

Course leader

Dr Stefan Bergh and Dr Eve Campbell

Target group

Student with an interest in archaeology and anthropology

Course aim

The key to our training is small group sizes, combined with instruction that is delivered directly by highly experienced archaeologists. These are led by Eve Campbell, Director of Fieldwork. In this way we ensure that each lesson is delivered in great detail, and that each student fully understands the different procedures and the rationales behind them.

Credits info

• 2 weeks: 6 ECTS / 3 Semester Hour Credits
• 4 weeks: 12 ECTS / 6 Semester Hour Credits
• 6/12 weeks: 18 ECTS / 9 Semester Hour Credits

Fee info

EUR 1975: 6 weeks – 4500 euro
4 weeks – 3450 euro
2 weeks – 1975 euro

*Course fees includes tuition, accommodation, materials, local transport, lectures, seminars and academic credit.

*Course fees includes tuition, accommodation, materials, local transport, lectures, seminars and academic credit.


For the first time in 2018 Achill Archaeological Field School will offer two $2000 scholarships for any of our 6-week or 12-week accredited excavation courses . The bursaries, which can be offset against course fees, aim to support students in their field